Áine O'Connell

This is Áine - Conversational Storyteller - For enquiries regarding investment options, the story behind the variety of information, and to organise meetings regarding any of the services please Contact Áine. The elements used in the systems are: movement, food, conversation and natural environmental elements. These are the universal fundamentals across all brands. The ultimate goal is to allow you be the greatest version of you, have a healthy body and live according to your heart as opposed to your brain.


This is an online journal where the theories and concepts supporting all developed technologies and systems are published in detail for general public knowledge and education. The approach to health is holistic, modern, and respective of the Universal principles.The ability to bring the ethereal world to meet the physical world is changing the face of health as we understand it and brings the healthcare system up to speed with what is truly happening in the Universe. The Society of Universal Spirit Quanta is the scientific journal of the Universal ethereal and scientific worlds and the origins for the future of health.

the universal way

The Universal Way is the pathway to Divine Love of Self. It consists of
1. Geminids Fitness (athlete health & general science information for optimal health of general public)
2. Chase the Glow - the identification and management of emotions using defined methodologies
3. Tonto's House - the identification of your true identity and find your true voice.
4. Clever Creators Club - Adult Education for developing the natural and unique spirit of their children, and for Adults to reconnect with their heart and finally (re)learn the art of loving yourself in modern times.


AWNLIFE is a system utilising biotechnology in a non-invasive way for the cure of disease. The system is designed to remove the use of drugs where possible, allowing a person to heal naturally. It is the merging of the Universal Healing System and Medical Biotechnology to utilise the heart cells for cure of disease. For all investment enquiries please Contact Áine

information technology

Áine is seeking to develop a partnership with an IT specialist to deliver the future of technology from a creative and analytical perspective. There has not been a revolutionary product since Steve Jobs - he knew how to create and what was needed in technology to allow that to happen. There are a number of issues with IT devices that effect the health and well-being of people and children. The designs of Steve Jobs devices were heading in a certain direction and being creative and analytical, Áine has conceptualised designs for investment. Please Contact Áine for investment enquiries.


The Services of YouWoFit are: 1.Leadership Development of High Level CEO's and Leaders 2.Professional Development for Workplace Management 2. Student Graduate Workplace Integration and Personal Development


Áine history is Science Research, Civil Construction, Personal Training and Health, and Designing Systems for Science Research Facilities. She has maintained accreditation in TGA, FDA and Korean FDA approved facilities, and designing a TGA reviewed system while having co-responsibility for the construction of a clinical trial manufacturing facility. In the Civil Construction industry, Áine solely designed and was accredited in ISO 9001, 4801, and 14001 while also responsible for all operational design and delivery of services. Áine systems are unique to every company and she continued to consult and implement training systems for managers entering into Quality Assurance Management and General Management. For reviews on Áine Professional career - please click here


The information, content, branding across every site associated with each technology, are created and completed by Áine. All stories are designed as a creative reality, all factual data according to her experiences.
1. Letters to Pearl - The words you wish you said to that special someone that was ill.
2. The Punk that Refused to Conform - The Truth Seeker and Coach that continually asks questions regarding everything and relays stories as experiences evolve and things happen. The Punk is sarcastic and funny, 'when the world is full of love and commerce, maybe I'll stop asking questions...or is that how we maintain it?'
3. The Trials and Tribulations of Creative Auntie Awn - Random Fictional Pieces, all the stories as I tried to make it as a Creative Director, and sometimes had to make myself laugh with fictional pieces.
4. The Creation of Universal Love - The life of love - the punks feminine side. The Story of a Divine Love in Modern Times - The Experiences and Questions.....